Curriculum & Educational Topics

A+ Kids main goal is to help kids to develop a life-long love for reading, positive attitude to math and problem solving and provide them with friendly introduction to science, the world around them and emotional and social skills.

We believe that this goal can be achieved by a personalized curriculum based technology that empowers kids to successfully face with challenges such as developing their learning abilities and acquiring cognitive, emotional and social skills which they will use for the rest of their life and help them to GROW SMART™.

Math & Arithmetic

Children’s exposure to math skills empowers them to successfully cope with their future academic challenges. With A+ Kids children will be exposed to numbers, shapes, counting, adding, subtracting, sizing, measuring and greater and less concepts.

Science & The World Around Us

Science is al around us. With A+ Kids children will gain basic knowledge about science, how things work, biology, basic concepts of physics, human body, universe, nature, animals, arts, technology and gadgets.

English & Literacy

Establishing English skills at young age predicts a successful knowledge of English at a later stage in life. A+ Kids introduce English language skills, with a primary focus on literacy, phonics, letters, vowels, vocabulary and words.

Emotional & Social Skills

Emotional and social skills are the basics of the modern society mainly when it comes to the era we live in. A+ Kids introduces games and tasks to encourage social and emotional skills that essential for child development.