A+  Kids

AI gamified educational digital platform for kids. A+ Kids is held by GHI Media UK Ltd. which is a digital and television company focuses on educational products for kids.

Our main goal is to leverage kids screen-time and provide them with the knowledge they need where they love to be in a personalized way by using what technology has to offer alongside to an omni channel presence  including Digital, TV and VOD Services.

Digital Educational Values

A+ Kids solution is based on the notion that children respond differently to different teaching methods.  Therefore, using ML to create individual user profiles and personalized experience is at the core of our development. 

We believe that learning activities should be engaging and fun. By using videos and games and colorful lively animated characters, we create an effortless enjoyable experience.

A+ Kids is based on a constructive response to making mistakes. At A+ Kids errors are encouraged, and we believe that this is the best way of learning new things.

Our Advantages

We enhance the learning experience by combining gamified kids TV, data analysis and AI algorithm driven curriculum.

Top Technology Tools

We use top technology tools including unique AI algorithm to henhance the overall experience of our users.

Omni Channel Presence

Our go to market strategy is based on an omni channel presence including digital products, Linear TV channels and VOD services.

Data Analysis

We analyze users’ data and establish dynamic baseline statistics & ranks regarding our users.

Gamification Mechanism

We use gamified elements & techniques to increase users’ engagement.

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