Educational Platform
for kids aged 3-7

Help your kids to be ahead with A+ Kids and award them a unique AI gamified educational digital platform focusing on learning English, math, science and the world around us supported by TV and VOD Services.

Math & Arithmetic

Numbers, counting, addition, subtraction, fractions, shapes, size and measuring, length and time

Science & The World Around Us

How things work, biology, animals and nature, physics, technology and gadgets

English & Literacy

Literacy, phonetics, letters, vowels and vocabulary of the English language

Emotional & Social Skills

Friendship, sharing, empathize, kindness and care

Main Features

A+ World

Personalized gamified world based on a unique technology


Watch the world’s best educational shows


Play fun games for learning English & math

Music & Clips

Enjoy clips from the world’s best educational shows


Download for offline viewing


Choose your kid’s champion

Parents Zone

Get statistics about your kids achievements & progress

Our Secret Sauce

Empowering learning process  in a tolerant environment, which allows risk-free mistakes by bringing together gamified reward mechanism, big data analysis and AI algorithm driven curriculum

Personalized Capabilities

Big Data Analysis

AI Driven Curriculum

Learning Multiple Themes

Gamification Mechanism

Parents Monitoring Tools

Gamification Rewards Mechanism

Progress on a Path

180 levels that user need to go through and learn different subjects

Get Crowns

Get up to 100 crowns in each level based on performance

Win Stars

Win up to 3 stars to be displayed above each level on the gameboard

Open Animation

Unlock animations on
the path

Collect Badges

Collect 16 badges based on total crowns score

Discover Sounds

Zoom-in to discover
new sounds

Level’s Colours

Dynamic colors of levels within the current subject

Live Dashboard

Live dashboard with full data of the player’s status